Thursday, July 26, 2012

Work and Play

Work-wise, I'm fixing up the author questionnaire for Peter Wolverton. I'm also waiting on a more formal acknowledgement from the portrait studio that it's okay for the publisher to use the photos I had taken (I already have verbal assurance).

I have a couple of sci-fi projects ready to start after I have some feedback on which one Peter would like to see next. I've also started working on a young adult fantasy story which I'm planning to expand into a series (starts small, gets epic).

For play: I'm buying a 15th c. ring hilted long sword from a friend of mine. It's pre-sharpened so he wasn't comfortable having it in the house because of his son. I'll be mostly swinging it around in the backyard for exercise--not cutting anything with it, as I don't want to damage the blade. Don't feel sorry for my friend, he still has a lovely Oakeshott type XIV--I'd actually be more comfortable with it as the one he's selling is significantly larger, but I've wanted a sword for years, so I'll take it if he doesn't want it =)

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