Friday, August 3, 2012

Hobby growth

I have an interesting story about the friend from whom I bought my Windlass.

Jim and I were good friends in elementary. We had similar interests; martial arts, kung fu movies, comics, cartoons, model kits, etc. We drifted apart in high school because we went to different schools.

20 years later, we got in touch, and it's funny that our tastes have evolved in similar directions anyway. We're both more interested in Western than Asian swordsmanship at this point. Though, I dropped building models, and he went much farther.

Anyway, he's looking into taking Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) classes in Hong Kong, possibly next year. I wonder how many sessions we'd need before we have a fair idea of starting a club here (there isn't one yet). Probably, the most difficult part would be finding a large enough space--with long swords, each practitioner needs a 12-14 foot clear circle, so if we had just a small number of members, we'd need hundreds of square feet unless only a couple practice at one time.

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